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Looking to launch?

If you’re in the process of setting up, we can help with: technology, operations, property and team. 

Looking to grow?

If you’re an established operator, we can help with: financial modelling and feasibility studies, brand identity and positioning, and the marketing of your workspaces. 

Looking to Grow

Whether you're looking at raising finance, identifying your unique offer to the world, or just need more members we can help.



We have regular meetings with you along the way to ensure we understand your business and objectives. at the end of the process you receive: 

– Competitor analysis, local market review and profiling
– Pricing matrix & review model (both desk and revenues away from the desk)
– Breakdown of space allocation (which can be used by your architect).
 5 Year forecast: Revenue, OpEx, P&L, Cash Flow.
– CapEx estimates
– ROI & Break Even Points
– SWOT analysis, survey results and recommendations

You can download our free Table of Contents to make sure you’ve got all your angles covered. 



We work collaboratively with you to identify who it is you’re serving, how you’re uniquely positioned to serve them and what message will drive members through your front doors.

At the start we carry out a team workshop, then during the process we revert back at various stages for feedback and refining.

– Purpose, Mission, Vision Statements & Brand narrative 
– Customer insights & personas
– Values – (operationalised into how we think, act and speak)
– Brand personality (Including Tone of Voice & writing guidelines)
– Customer value proposition & messaging

Click below download a short guide on brand positioning for coworking spaces.


We have a proven track record of maintaining occupancy rates over 90%. And doing so without big budgets. 

Whether you’re launching a new venue or just looking to boost membership, we can map out your:

– Customer Acquisition Strategies (digital, events, partnerships, press & PR, brokers, external networking and other channels)

– Customer Retention Strategies

– KPIs, marketing plans and campaigns

– Break down of Customer Acquisition Costs (CACs)

Looking to Launch?



IT architecture: We can advise you on the tech stack that best suits your operation.

Setting up the technology: Once you’ve figured out what your tech stack is, we can help set it all up and write easy to follow processes for your team to follow. 

NB: It’s advisable to run a number of ‘test’ billing cycles well before launching.

We’ve created a free guide on:

Choosing the right technology for your coworking space‘.

It shows how the various tools integrate with one another and what role each of the tools play. It also has a list of suppliers and our ‘Top Tips’. You can download it by clicking the button below.


Processes and Management: Setting OKRs and KPIS. Setting up all key ops and then writing processes for the team to follow (handling leads on your CRM, site tours, onboarding, billing, facilities management).

Overseeing set up of onsite IT: including hardline and wifi, guest wifi you can use to harvest email addresses, printing, tablets outside meeting rooms and booking in system.

Membership Agreements: we provide templates and advise on what you need to cover for Private Office, Open Plan and Virtual Office agreements. As well as how they integrate with your onboarding process, and how they satisfy Landlord and SEIS/EIS requirements.

Health and safety; setting up all necessary documentation and organising onsite assessments

Supply chain and procurement;

To help you get going and start navigating the process, we’ve created a free pack: 

The Operations Starter Pack for Coworking’. 

You can download the pack below.


Contractor appointment; Helping you select a Design and Build firm, or specific contractors should you go down the ‘Traditional’ route.

Contractor oversight; Overseeing Design and Build firm and managing the fit out process.

Interior design concept; finding the right designers to create your concept document that all venues will follow for consistent roll out.


Human Resources: Writing job descriptions, finding and hiring applicants.

Training Community Managers: To operate processes and systems (billing, onboarding, members platform), actively engage and manage community, manage facilities, handle leads & conduct effective site tours.





Audits and Reviews

Financial Review: analysis of your business plan to sense check assumptions.

Marketing Review: analysis of your current strategy with feedback and fresh ideas.


Specific Deliverables


Pricing for what you see on this page is flexible and dependant on how many of the deliverables you require. Please get in touch to discuss further

From £1000

Continuous Delivery

We can work alongside you at any stage of your workspace project to provide ongoing support. No minimum term contract.

From £1,200 per month