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are you running your coworking space?

One thing that surprised me when I opened my first coworking space was how operationally intensive it was.

I spent the first few months (ahem…probably years), feeling like I was chasing my tail and never really on top of things.

But I also realised the good news – namely that many of the operational activities are cyclical and predictable.

Onboarding members. Monthly events. Charging and billing. Ordering of supplies. Fire and Risk assessments.

There’s a lot of routine to coworking.

So is it possible to get organised and on the front foot. And once you set good systems in place, and have a well oiled machine, the benefits to your team are immense. They’ll have more time and feel less overwhelmed.

So with that in mind I decided to create a free resource to help coworking operators set their strategy and set up some of the nitty gritty of operations.

It’s aimed at first time operators, but hopefully it will also be useful if you are a seasoned operator looking to get organised for 2021…

It’s called the ‘Coworking Operations Starter Pack’. 

The Starter Pack includes:

  • Coworking OKRs template: A structure for annual planning and tracking goals
  • Guidance on tracking team tasks: Annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly
  • Briefing your Facilities Management team: and what you can expect to pay (cleaners)
  • Health and Safety in your coworking space: Complete guidance and templates 
  • Trackers: for Revenue, Occupancy & Desk Layout


Do shout if you have any questions! (I’m at 


If you click on the button below it will take you to a download link for the Starter Pack.